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PhotoFacial Treatment -
Photo Aging
After several other treatments failed, Mr. S came to Dr. Soldo. "The severe redness I once had in my face caused people to ask where the sunburn came from or why I was blushing. The rough texture, enlarged pores, acne scars, and red veins I saw in the mirror made me feel ugly. I avoided social activities for 25 years, frequently going out only at night so no one would see me. PhotoFacial changed my appearance dramatically. But the most important change has been psychological. Now I feel comfortable in public places and the quality of my life greatly improved!"  


This treatment rejuvenates skin that is sundamaged, coarse with large pores, and other red or flushed skin, such as Rosacea. PhotoFacial can be administered on the face, neck and chest.

Having been in practice in the Phoenix area since 1974, Dr. Soldo became interested in photo rejuvenation when he heard well-known dermatologist Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D., discuss the new procedure he and his father, Patrick Bitter, Sr., M.D., had developed for Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that causes enlarged blood vessels just under the skin's surface to produce red, inflamed areas on the face.

PhotoFacial converts intense pulses of light into heat energy, destroying excessive blood vessels under the skin. The treatment is an effective adjunctive treatment following a face lift, laser resurfacing, chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. "It's a virtual fountain of youth!" says Dr. Soldo.

In May 1999, Dr Soldo went to Los Gatos, California for PhotoFacial training. He was the first person the Bitters trained, and is one of only three physicians trained by both doctors.

"This technique covers a larger area than a true laser and uses a diffused source of light, rather than a single column," explains Dr. Soldo. "It's a completely non-invasive procedure, unlike laser resurfacing, and there's usually minimal patient downtime. Patients experience no discomfort with the treatment—in fact some actually find it relaxing."

At Arizona Vein & Skin Rejuvenation, the PhotoFacial procedure is performed with the most sophisticated IPL/Laser called Lumenis One™ . Dr. Soldo is the first person in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah to acquire and use this laser.

Dr. Soldo's patients undergo five treatments, spaced three weeks apart. It takes only minutes to treat the entire face—thirty minutes for the face, neck, and chest.

"A healthy side effect of the PhotoFacial is the tremendous growth of collagen, the substance in the dermis (the layer of skin directly beneath the top layer) that gives a moist, plump feel to the skin and a rich, velvety texture that evens out skin tones," said Dr. Soldo.

"Collagen begins to diminish at age 30, and the skin begins to sag. Much like a face-lift resolves muscle laxity, PhotoFacial resolves skin laxity. It's the facial of the future."

PhotoFacial rejuvenation is a hot topic for dermatology meetings, and Dr. Soldo expects to see its use expand dramatically. It is estimated that 8 to 10 thousand PhotoFacial procedures are performed worldwide daily.

Dr. Soldo is world-renown for his PhotoFacial�expertise. He is noted as having performed the most PhotoFacial�procedures, exclusive of the developers.�Medical equipment manufacturer, Lumenis One™ Corporation, has appointed Dr. Soldo as its medical trainer for the southwest region.

Dr. Soldo performs seven to nine treatments a day and says some patients expect to return annually for touchups. "Results so far have been long-standing."

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