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Rhytec Portrait® PSR3

Portrait® PSR is the latest in facial skin rejuvenation for the correction of pigment and wrinkles. The technology was developed five years ago and is now FDA-approved. Dr. Soldo is one of the first physicians to offer the treatment in Arizona.

What is Portrait® PSR3?

Portrait® PSR is a laser-like procedure that treats sun-damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone, texture, and irregularities such as hyperpigmentation. The technology works below the surface to regenerate the skin and produce new collagen while it preserves the skin’s outer layers.

How does Portrait® PSR3 compare to other laser treatments?

Results of Portrait® PSR are comparable to other resurfacing techniques. However, the heating effect is highly localized without the intense light radiation often found in other laser treatments. Portrait® PSR utilizes nitrogen plasma to stimulate and produce new collagen in a smooth, reticulated network. This is in contrast to other lasers which leave shiny, glistening, linear collagen, therefore causing the skin to appear less normal. It’s less painful than other resurfacing procedures, treatment time is only 10-15 minutes and there is less downtime than laser recuffacing lasers. The procedure also provides a more rapid healing process than other treatments. In addition, Portrait® PSR can be used on many skin types and colors. “This treatment will replace erbium and CO2 lasers, which are more harsh and destroy pigment,” says Dr. Soldo.

What results does Portrait® PSR3 offer?

According to Dr. Soldo, patients will see about a 50 to 70 percent improvement in lines, even deep lines, following treatment. With Portrait® PSR, improvements in skin tone and texture become more dramatic over time. This office procedure continues to regenerate new collagen for up to one year post treatment.

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